Balto – Dog Hip Brace Dysplasia – BT-LIFE

The BALTO BT-LIFE is a hip brace to help dogs suffering from hip dysplasia. It helps reducing pain and keeping the femoral head in place. It is also used for hip arthritis or hip dislocation/luxation.

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Balto – Dog Neck Brace – BT NECK

BT NECK has been designed to help cats and dogs with problems with their cervical vertebrae. It supports necks with Osteoarthritis, Discospondylitis, Vertebral Instability (Wobbler Syndrome), Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) and other neurological issues and hernias.

This brace can also be used for cats.

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Balto – Dog back brace with handle – BT BODY LIFT

BALTO BT-BODY-LIFT is a dog back brace with handle to assist dogs motor-difficulties related disease.

The 2 removable lateral rigid splints help to support the spinal column.

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Balto – Dog Hip Brace With Handle – BT UP

Balto – Dog Hip Brace With Handle – BT UP has been designed for dogs suffering from conditions such as hip dysplasia, hip dislocation, paralysis of the hind legs and Osteoarthritis.

The lateral metal inserts and the dorsal tensioning system allow a soft compression to maintain the hips in their sockets.

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