Sandy McArdle, Vet Nurse

My name is Sandy I am part of the Clinical Crew at Love That Pet North Ryde.

I hold my K-Laser certificate and have been operating the laser for 4 years now alongside our vets.

The majority of our K-Laser patients are treated for arthritis and in most cases it works wonders. After several K-Laser treatments, patients who were originally stiff and uncomfortable begin to loosen up and start jumping, playing and walking further and longer than they used to. We have had a few severely arthritic large breed dogs who struggled to walk, couldn’t climb stairs etc.

Our most successful case was a 13year old Malamute who couldn’t get out of the car, jump or walk far. By the end of his initial treatment regime and repeated 3 weekly boosters for a number of months he was able to walk, jump, jog, run and play fly ball at the dog park again! We kept his boosters up in conjunction with his cartrophen injections until he passed away. I had never seen him so happy, and as you can imagine the owner was over the moon.

We have also used it successfully for other treatments, including:
– one off treatment for post op de-sexing to assist healing
– post op cruciate repairs, in conjuction with cartrophen. The healing time indeed is faster, swelling is gone within 24 hours, patients are more comfortable and start toe touching sooner
– added into treatment regime for broken limbs
– dog aural haematoma; this case was persistent reoccurance, it healed well with no relapse until next season
– cat over grooming causing open or closed raw mutilation wounds
– hot spots, otitis and abcesses

Sandy McArdle, Vet Nurse - North Ryde, NSW

Steve Scott, Pet Owner

My boxer Rosie had been living with much pain from arthritis, and infected gum tissue (making it hard for her to eat).

At first I wasn’t sure how the K-Laser was going to help her with this… but after only a handful of sessions with Dr Laurence, Rosie’s gum infection has healed, and her arthritis seems to have gone down quite a few notches. Rosie looks and behaves like she’s just had a new lease on life. I could not be happier about the results! K-Laser was definitely a pleasant surprise!

Steve Scott, Pet Owner - Lawnton, QLD

‎Cathy Blumenthal‎, Pet Owner

My 10 yr old Border Collie has arthritis in his front paws, and both of his hocks after doing a lot of work running behind motorbikes and mustering.

He has been on pain relief/anti inflammatory drugs for years to make him comfortable.

Since starting his K-Laser therapy sessions he has had his drugs reduced, and is now able to jump up and down off the couch and bed, plays games, is back to “rounding up” the chickens, and is clearly more comfortable, happy and pain free.

Thank you Dr Laurence for giving my best friend a new lease on life! It’s beautiful to have my active old friend back!

‎Cathy Blumenthal‎, Pet Owner - North Brisbane, QLD

Mal, Pet Owner

We are so grateful that we found you and the K-Laser treatment for our beloved Roxy, our 10 yr old 48 kg Doberman.

After a running accident that ruptured her cruciate ligament which took over a year to heal, then an ACL rupture left her with severe arthritis, calcification and inflammation and almost no flexibility in the knee, that caused extreme pain when getting up or laying down and Roxy unable to run, which she lives for. The only option seemed to be surgery with not a great prognosis.

After the first K-Laser treatment Roxy had pain relief and after a month of weekly treatment was able to run again without pain.
After 2 months Roxy now has treatment every 3 weeks and has almost full mobility in the knee and no pain, so she has her normal life back.

Mal, Pet Owner - Petrie, QLD

Amanda Barker, Practice Manager

I have been privileged enough to have seen the results of many of our patients after trialing K-Laser therapy in our clinic.

Dogs with chronic osteoarthritis who had been on different prescribed medications but owners not seen too much of a difference, are now more active and participating in normal activities, not showing signs of pain.

Patients with surgical wounds where we normally recommend suture removal in 10-14days have healed completely after 5 days.

Painful otitis cases have had their pain reduced enough for us to be able to examine and treat their ears without causing further pain.

I am thrilled with the results we have seen so far and can’t wait to see what other benefits this therapy has to offer.

Amanda Barker, Practice Manager - Murrumba Downs, QLD